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Soluzioni cloud per la tua azienda di Consulenza
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Our target customers

We offer ICT companies a new tool to find business opportunities, expand their network, simplify and manage the relationship with their customers and suppliers. Thanks to the TimeFlow Marketplace, based on Artificial Intelligence, companies get in contact with each other according to their needs and availability.

Customer looking for IT resources

Companies looking for qualified IT resources can find on the marketplace new reliable partners and reduce the time needed to recruit new workforce thus becoming more competitive.

Supplier offering IT resources

ICT consulting companies looking for new customers find new business opportunities outside their network and decrease the time needed to staff their own IT resources on a new project

Our Products (SaaS)

B2B Marketplace

Soluzioni cloud per la tua azienda di Consulenza

Thanks to the marketplace, a cloud application based on Machine Learning algorithm, the registered companies looking for IT resources (developers) get in contact with those that offer these profiles.

If you are looking for a developer for your project, the Marketplace will offer you the best profile available from those uploaded by the registered supplier companies.

The application calculates the compatibility between requests and available profiles using a proprietary Machine Learning technology that analyzes different variables including previous experiences, technologies used and years of experience

Clients can find on the Marketplace new IT suppliers in line with their needs, creating new business opportunities

Clients can benefit from a reduction of research and selection costs while suppliers see a reduction of engagement times

Account’s activation is submitted to ethics and financial standards. All the partners you will find are reliable and verified by Timeflow.


KPI Dashboard

Soluzioni cloud per la tua azienda di Consulenza

Developed by sector’s experts for companies that want to rely on a tool projected for they needs.

Totally integrated in companies operative processes, the tool allows to: monitor operative and financial performances, automate the reporting process and keep track of most important KPIs, enabling the adoption of a data-driven strategy.

Thanks to the B2B Marketplace integration, you can upload directly on the dashboard all your developers’ profiles and make them available.

Thanks to the Dashboard you can check in real-time revenues, average prices and clients’ profitability

Reporting process is automated reducing the time dedicated by administrative employees

You can check in real-time project’s budget, % profitability and many other metrics

Check your KPIs in real-time, monitoring company or team performances and forecasts


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