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Cloud solutions for your consulting company

Totally integrated into business processes, the application offers targeted functionalities for process digitalisation and performance monitoring.

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Thanks to TimeFlow you can view real-time revenue, the average rate applied and profitability of your customers, as well as the forecast EBITDA calculated on the history.

Thanks to the automation functions (reporting, profiling, analysis) you will immediately obtain significant savings on the cost of personnel that you can employ in more productive activities.

You will be able to view in real-time, for each job, the remaining budget, the% of profitability and the days/man spent in a time range.

Don’t wait for the end of the month or for the quarter to close, access the application and check your KPIs in real-time. You can monitor the performance of the various teams or analyze the forecast.


B2B Marketplace

Cloud solutions for your consulting company

The application, currently in beta, automates the process of selecting and proposing downtime (resources at cost) to customers, using a proprietary algorithm for matching employee/customer needs.

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Thanks to the Marketplace, client companies will be able to easily find a supplier suited to their needs and supplier companies will expand their customer base at no cost. Registration on the platform is free and there is no fee.

Registration is free, any company can register. Account activation is subject to some mandatory financial and ethical requirements. So within the community you will only find reliable partners.

Upon registration you will be required to sign an application use policy to protect all members of the community. No behavior to the detriment of another member will be accepted.

Every day that a resource is at cost, the profit generated by the company drastically decreases. The marketplace was born as a solution to this problem.

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Our goal is not only to meet your needs and make your business processes more efficient, but we also want to do it by protecting your privacy and using the best encryption algorithms


Flexible, guaranteed performance and centralised disaster recovery


Always accessible, no installation required, extremely scalable


Data encrypted in AES, connection encrypted according to SSL standard, always-on firewall and daily cloud backup

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